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Career Paths September 7, 2009

My posts are too long

Oh, thank you for telling me how long my posts are. I wasn’t aware ;).

So from now on, I will put just a tiny bit of planning into my posts before I write them so that they might not end up being so long and you won’t have to read so much and we can all be happy!

Mission: concise-blog, commence! However, this one might have a bit more chitchat since it has been a while. But the meaty beef of my blog will be shorter (less than 3000 words, I promise ;))

Word Count: 2040 but DON’T WORRY, the actual blog part is only 800 words. Yeah, only.


McDonalds’ Mighty Angus

I find it strange how the Mighty Angus burger costs more than then Grand Angus burger alone but if you buy them in meal form they are the same price. But I digress. I had a large Mighty Angus meal quite recently and it was GOOD. It exceeded expectations as a McDonalds burger, since they are usually terrible and after I had eaten the burger I had a nice stinky beef flavour in my mouth for a long time after. I’m fangirling over this burger right now.

Inglourious Basterds

I needed something to make up for the disappointing Public Enemies the week before so Inglourious Basterds it was. And it was good. Great, really. Just a little sick, even for a really manly man like me.

Hilarious, gruesome, action packed and directed in a really wack way (Tarantino), this movie is awesome… for apathetic guys.


Capo, guitar strings and Smashin Pumpkins CD all arrived. Restrung geetar. I’m happy.

And now capo allows me to play stuff without having to think about many chords. Lovely. I’m lazy.

Music (my recent purchases)

Smashing Pumpkins came (from eBay) and the rest were JB purchases, from the $10 piles, of course. Someone find me a $10 Transatlanticism (DCFC).

  • Radiohead: Hail To The Thief – Been in a Radiohead phase the last couple of months, so anything Radiohead I haven’t heard yet sounds awesome. But this IS awesome.
  • Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream – Awesome. Especially Mayonaise.
  • Coldplay: Viva La Vida – Pretty good. Will buy A Rush Of Blood To The Head some day (if that’s the one with The Scientist on it).
  • Foo Fighters: The Colour And The Shape – Pretty good. Everlong. Yuhhh. Everlong drums. Pain.
  • Dan Fogelberg: Greatest Hits – Not a purchase… just took it from my mum. Sounds very similar to America. Pretty kool and oldskool. And romantic. Ladies.


Farting in Times Square – gave me the giggles for a long time

I heart Disney

Zack Kim. Crazy guitarist – using loop (has a lot of videos where he plays both guitars at the same time)

Dude jamming on electric to Rob Dougan’s “Clubbed to Death”. Awesome. I love it when people make epic instrumentals even more epic.

Best prank. Bunch of seniors use an underground tunnel to screw with traffic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Phat’s pants ripped

Those garments withstood the pressure all these years but finally caved in when he had a successful attempt at an eyes-closed, 1080 degree, three-handed windmill dunk while blowing out the candle of a birthday cake. That is all.

You can go to someone else’s blog if you want the reaction video (James Tang’s), which isn’t really that interesting.



Thashan’s not one to gossip. 😉

High School

Is finishing soon. So so sad. 😦

Separate blog on this later probably.

UNSW open day (i.e. slightly smoother transition into my blog)

Last Saturday was UNSW open day along with Deva’s (surprise? or not?) shindig (you can read more about the party at Thashan’s blog on Ameya Appreciation Group… and Douglas’ too if you really want, which you don’t).

UNSW open day was alright. Just about everyone has blogged about it, so I’ll stick to what I thought of it personally. I went to five lectures (sort of):

  1. Bridging courses – got there late with about 10 minutes to go. Chairs were way way way too comfy. Listened zero.
  2. Microbiology – walked across the entire university to get to the biomedical theatre. Chose microbiology over medical science lecture. Wrong choice. The guy just talked about how many microbes there are in the ocean. Left after 5-10 minutes to go join medsci lecture but it was full.
  3. Science – hour long lecture. The guy just went on about how great UNSW is. Stayed for 5-10 minutes and then left. Tried to go to exercise physiology after but it was full.
  4. Law – I have no interest in it whatsoever. I went to fill up time before med. Stayed for 15-20 minutes, which I used to plan how to make a hasty and unnoticeable escape from the lecture. Best part was the start when there was a slide and it said the lecture was being given by David. A woman got up and started speaking. I caked myself until she finally introduced the man lecturing us. And it was a man.
  5. Medicine – What I came for. The man was basically Doctor Cox (from Scrubs). Hater. But I found out a few interesting things: UNSW has an extra year (research) which makes the total 6 years of study at uni (or 7 if I combine it with arts to learn Mandarin) + 2 years as a resident + 3-6 years if I choose to specialise (not thinking of specialising right now) = old. I don’t need to do a chemistry bridging course (hooray!). Government bond would suck a little if I got it and had to go far far away to work. I found someone else who hates on UMAT training almost as hard as I do (the lecturer).

Career Paths – What is God’s plan for you?

Me over the years

Throughout the course of my life, my “dream occupation” has changed so many times that I fail to remember many of these dream occupations. Some of the ones I DO remember (I’ll try to order these chronologically): postman (I liked Postman Pat and his black and white cat),  something to do with cars and driving, magician (probably wanted to be a wizard at Hogwarts too), computer game designer, secret agent, professional swimmer, optometrist, psychologist, teacher, doctor. The last three on that list are the three occupations I am considering now, with doctor probably quite a bit more prominent than the other two.

Being a doctor hasn’t been a life-long dream and to be honest, I didn’t really like the idea of medicine or being a doctor until quite recently (it had too many blood, guts and sick people for me). In the last couple of years, I have seen “helping people” (yes, the dreaded UMAT interview taboo) as my desired occupation and in more recent times, I’ve seen medicine as the occupation in which I can do that best.

Of course, “helping people” is very broad, as you can help people with almost any job. However, it has occurred to me recently (and especially made clear to me by the UNSW lectures I went to) that the way in which I would like to help people is through direct contact and communication with them, which would mean a job involving patients (or in the case of teaching, students). I also find the human body and people in general fascinating, which is another reason why I’d like to do medicine. But first and foremost, I see the couple of jobs I singled out as vessels through which I (personally) can serve God.

I guess it’s never too early to start considering what you want to do in life and WHY you want to do it.

Serving God through occupation and indeed, everything

I’ve never had a real job (paper delivery in year 6 doesn’t count), so I don’t really have any experience with this. But these are my thoughts on work and what it should be for us.

Colossians 1: 15-23 tells us that Jesus is before all creation and that the world was created by and FOR Him – that through His death we are made right with God, rather than being doomed to punishment. The reason for everything we have in this world is this: our Creator gave us everything that we have. All our possessions, our talents, our lives are all given to us by God. So how should we live our lives? 1 Corinthians 10:31-33 tells us that whatever we do, to do it for the glory of God – for the good of others so that they may be saved. No matter what we do, we should be serving God.

So what does that mean? Does that mean we should all go to Bible college and become pastors, Bible teachers and missionaries? Of course, if that’s what you would be good at and that’s what you want to do.

But something I’ve only considered in the last couple of years is this: where do all the other occupations of the world come in? Doctors, lawyers, accountants, shop owners etc. I really had trouble trying to see how some occupations could possibly be used to serve and glorify God, especially if they didn’t involve very much human interaction (e.g. researchers, accountants… zoo keepers?). But then there are many ways in which God can be served through work:

  • if the job has colleagues (most likely will), then the workplace is a great place to evangelise, since there are so many people in most jobs who aren’t Christians. The way in which you present yourself, your work ethic, your life and the way in which you treat others with love can demonstrate what it is to be a Christian. We ARE God’s representatives here on earth and what we do should be a reflection of God’s love. We are on display for the world!
  • your job will pay money! And in lots of cases the money will be enough to survive off with extra. Where does your extra money go? It can be spent on anything you want like clothes, cars, a nice house etc. But then, it can also be used for charities, churches and good works in serving God!
  • the way in which you work (read on)

But then it occurred to me that serving God in what you do (not just job-wise) isn’t really about what you do but HOW you do it. In Philippians 2:12-18, Paul says that we are to shine like stars and to do everything without complaining or arguing. This is so that our deeds can demonstrate the salvation that we have in Jesus’ death through our lives (also Matthew 5:16). Our attitude in work (and everything) should be one that glorifies God.

Also, in the world we are God’s representatives: who else does the world have to look at to get a picture of God? The way in which we live and conduct ourselves should serve to evangelise on its own.

1 Peter 4:10-11 talks about the gifts we received from God by His grace – we did nothing to deserve them. In terms of job, I guess this could mean doing pursuing something that you’re gifted in or which involves something that you’re gifted in. If your gift is talking to people, do a job which involves that. If it’s teaching and explaining, then do that. If you’re smart, maybe do something which requires you to be a little smart. But I guess more than anything, picking something you’ll enjoy and be able to serve God through is most essential. The passage also says that we should use these gifts to serve others to demonstrate to them the grace we first received from God. We’re to serve in a way that brings glory to God, not ourselves.

BUT not only should we be serving God through our occupations but in our whole lives and in everything we do. We are God’s workmanship, created to do good works which he prepared for us in advance (Ephesians 2: 10). And not only should we be serving God, we should get joy out of serving our Creator.

So I guess that in a sense, it doesn’t matter what kind of job you do. There is still the opportunity to serve God with whatever you do and with whatever you have.

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6 Responses to “Career Paths”

  1. jeff Says:

    holey moley simon you’re on fire. your blog is on fire!! its so on fire we need the water planeteer from captain planet to put it out.

    first time i came across your blog tonight, keep it up brother!

    the hsc is nothing and career is nothing when you view it in light of God’s plans and purposes for this world in Jesus. in 1st year uni, if anyone asked what UAI (oh sorry its ATAR now..) you got, you’d get a punch to the face!

    • Simon Chow Says:

      Water planeteer? I’d like to see the heart planeteer put it out. He/she (I still don’t really know) doesn’t seem to have much function.
      And thanks! I’ll definitely not be asking about ATARs in uni. And I hope I don’t get asked if I end up doing a high-end course because that would make me feel dumber. 😉

  2. tian Says:

    I think all the DCFC albums in JB are about $15 – never seen a cheaper one, otherwise I’d have bought it 😉
    And yeah, A Rush of Blood to the Head is the one with The Scientist on it. (One of my favourite songs, hands down.)

    HAIL TO THE THIEF. I like it, but I like In Rainbows and OK Computer more. 🙂

    Otherwise, nice post, kinda wished it was longer. Glad you finally updated 😀

    • Simon Chow Says:

      Ahhh Transatlanticism was $18 last time I checked. And I already have Plans and Narrow Stairs. I’ll just wait for a nice sail to come along. 🙂
      And of course In Rainbows and OK Computer are better! And so is The Bends! Goes without saying. 😛
      And thanks I was TRYING to make it shorter this time. It’s a little friendlier for people, especially if they read as slow as I do.

  3. Z-hang Says:

    The 100% angus burger, thats all very well, and fancy etc….though that begs the question, what on earth is in the big mac beef all this time? =\

    I’m particularly encouraged by steven chongs talk from way back in our 50th ISCF church service, about being ‘living sacrifices’ and using whatever gifts we’ve been given to glorify Him =)

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